Why do we like enamelware

Why do we like enamelware ?
The history of enamelware applied to kitchen utensils begins in Germany about 250 years ago. When during the 1760s the need arose to find a safe, durable and hygienic coating for pots and other everyday items that until then were made of cast iron.

But it was not until the late 1800s when the right formula was found that it was widely accepted thanks to its exceptional qualities, strength and low cost. Little by little manufacturers appeared in Europe and America, production skyrocketed and articles became an everyday and essential thing in and out of homes around the world.

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Its use has endured over time and we all remember the cups and saucepans of our grandmothers that have already become a symbol of the values of the past.

Our Enamelware.Top is made in thick steel to which two layers of enamel are applied and they are fired at a high temperature. The result is a smooth, shiny finish, free of toxic substances, highly resistant, easy to clean and chemically inert. They are suitable for use in a gas cooker, glass ceramic or direct fire. Suitable for hot or cold drinks or for cooking in them.

They are sustainable and ecological. Perfect for use outdoors, camping, caravan or at home and are built to last a long time – unique and personal

That’s why we like them.


ENAMELWARE.TOP - Why Do We Like Enamelware ?

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