This is how enamelware are made

Enamelware kitchen products and articles began to be manufactured in Germany around the year 1800, being a great revolution and becoming, thanks to their characteristics, highly valued objects in and out of homes around the world.

For the manufacture of our Enemalware.Top, practically the same manufacturing process is used as 250 years ago and is almost entirely done manually.


The design, manufacture and customization - all the raw materials used are top quality. The MADE is quite long and takes place in different phases

This is how enamelware are made

Process Reference:
1.Cutting And Ctretch
2.Pickling /Degreasing
3.Enamelled with Decal
4.Inspection Packing

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First Step Preforming

Carbon Steel —— The material is cut and punched into the desired shape and a press with several tons of force is responsible for shaping each mug according to pre-designed molds.

If the top edge is 304 stainless steel , then Cutting to make the edge neat.
If the top edge is colorful Rolled , Press rolled frist, then Cutting to make the edge neat.

Final, Welding handle ( PREFORMING FINISHED )

Second Step Pickling And Degreasing

Preparation For Enamelled —stripping and cleaning – Put the products  in acid / alkali / water in turn , Clean the surface thoroughly , then drying.

Third Step Enamelled Decal

There are many ways to enamelled, Spray , Dip-In etc.

The 1th Layer , Base Glaze ( Like Blackish in general ,This coating is necessary , Otherwise other colors enamel cannot be fixed on Surface of Carbon steel directly )
The 2th Layer , White Glaze ( If only do white , To this step is complete, Or sometime double layer of white as client’s quality need.
The 3th Layer , Color Glaze ( White make the color show better ) 
Then,Decal ( Water transfer,Separated in water ,  Then Sticker on Product, Wipe clean water and Dried .
( Image Reference as below )

Ps: All steps need to be dried and fired separately


Fourth Step Inspection Packing

100% Inspection
1. If the top edge is 304 stainless steel , finish assembled ,then inspect into packing.
2.If the top edge is colorful Rolled ,then inspect into packing directly.

Enamel - This is how enamelware are made
Raw Material

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0.5-1.2mm Carbon Steel in General ( Some factory also use 0.3mm)
Reason : 
The difference:
1. Top Steel Factory don’t produce carbon steel that < 0.5mm ,Almost is made by small factory,So the quality will be unstable.
2. The thickness of the enamel is proportional to the thickness of the steel plate , 0.3mm is very thin , and easily get pressed and damaged.

Glaze:Domestic Or Imported From Japan Europe , Solid grind by Ball Mill , It will cost several hours in general.

Enamel - This is how enamelware are made

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1.Black Spot
2.Small Hold Of Hook
3.Black Edge of Rolled Top Rim
4.Stomata on Handle

Enamel - This is how enamelware are made Safety


– Its non-porous surface does not allow the development of bacteria and fungi
– It is chemically inert
– Does not absorb odors

They are sustainable and ecological. Perfect for use outdoors, camping, caravan or at home and are built to last a long time – unique and personal

– DO NOT use in the microwave, they are made of metal.
– It is not recommended to heat it without content.


Transparent Glaze
White is safe in general,But to colors,it needs to add pigment —- It means lead and cadmium > standard. ( Decal also )The same as name, Transparent,and almost meet all standard,So we will add this coating on last step to make sure all is safe.

It must be grind very thin,and depend on the skill of staffs ; otherwise there will be white if the coating is too thick.
Although it is transparent ,But it still will affect the vividness of color.


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