To be consistent with our values we have to always keep them in mind. This is our decalogue of principles:

1 We offer quality

We use the best raw materials we can find because we want to offer a safe product that will last for many years. More durability = more savings and less environmental impact.

2 Simpler is better

We think business should be simple but clearly, “Simple is better”

3 We respect the environment

We only use steel and vitreous enamels composed of silicates of natural origin, that is, the minerals that form sand and rocks. We do not use chemicals and our packaging is completely plastic free if possible.

4 Traditional manufacturing

The process is almost entirely manual. Just like it was done more than 250 years ago. Each piece is manufactured one by one with the necessary dedication.

5 Proximity product

All the raw materials used in Top quality – Meet LFGB,CA65,FDA etc. Your health is the most important to us !

6 Better in nature

We live and work in the natural mountain of village. We are sure that contact with nature provides physical and mental well-being that is reflected in our daily work.

7 We defend honesty

The goal is not to make money at all costs. We like our work and thanks to our clients we lead the life we ​​want. That is why they are one of our most precious assets.

8 Not mass manufacturing Only

Small-scale is also available,We will try our best to find solutions for you,Stock or Customized.

9 We commit to help each other

“Today, success is achieved through partnering and collaboration – not going at it alone”

10 Better together; let's collaborate

We believe in collaborative actions, creativity and talent. Write to us, we are open to any proposal.

Enamelware.Top – DECALOGUE
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