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Enamelware.TOP is enamelware manufacturer,we are committed to a series of high-quality enamelware in the world.

Circa 1200 BC to the 18th Century
Enameling is steeped in history that begins around 3000 years ago in many parts of the world, including Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, China and Ancient Egypt. It’s first known uses were to create beautiful patterned jewelry. Enameling a variety of objects became more and more elaborate over time, including techniques that are household names to this day.

19th and 20th Centuries
In the early 1800s amid the Industrial Revolution, more practical applications were discovered – namely, enameling pots and pans to create a nonstick surface ideal for baking and cooking. Basic kitchen items such as biscuit cutters, baking tins, and ladles were stamped from thin sheets of iron, steel, or aluminum, then coated with enamel which was fused to the metal in a very hot oven.

Present Day
Enamelware came in blue, red, purple, brown, green, and pink, plus gray and white. Patterns were as varied as the colors. Enamelware is lightweight compared to your average kitchenware, cleans easily and is less fragile , all of which added to its popularity.
Technology has evolved, but the enamelware you will find thta are largely made by the same methods as a century ago. 


  • Enamel Mug
  • Enamel Bowl
  • Enamel Dish
  • Enamel Pot
  • Enamel Casserole
  • Enamel Saucepan
  • Enamel Kettle
  • Enamel Bakeware  

What is enamelware ?
What is enamelware made of ?

  • The surface of the metal is coated with a layer of ceramic glaze and fired at a high temperature. The enamel coating on the metal surface prevents the metal from rusting, so that the metal does not form an oxide layer on the surface when heated and resists various liquids Erosion.

Why use enamelware?

  • The variety of colours. Enamelware can come in an assortment of colours; pastel, bright and shiny. We can even Pantone match the custom colours of your business logo.
    Having lightweight enamelware is great for outdoor activities when you’re carrying items in the backpack for long periods of time.
    They can handle the heat and can be directly placed on the campfire.
    It’s long-lasting. As enamel is glass-coated steel, it can chip around the edges if you love it aggressively but that adds to its charm. It has longevity and vintage enamelware is even a collector’s item.

Are enamelware good ? Breakable ?

  • Enamelware is shatterproof, Kids are prone to dropping things, and many adults are too! Unlike glass or ceramic (which can shatter into a hundred sharp, messy pieces), the enamel mug might attain some chips if it had an unfortunate tumble; but as long as you give them proper care, they’re still perfectly serviceable!

Are enamelware safe to use ?

  • Enamelware is food-safe. When you use enamelware, the steel is protected by porcelain, so you can be sure that there is no metal contact with your food. Although the porcelain can chip and reveal the metal underneath, it will naturally oxidize and still be perfectly safe to use.

Can I microwave an enamelware ?

  • The answer is NO. You cannot microwave your enamelware. … Enamelware is made up of metallic materials, just covered by glaze.

Enamelware dishwasher safe ?

  • The answer is Yes! Except for sublimation coating – as the coating can be damaged.

How to clean enamelware ?

  • Cut your lemon, squeeze it into the enamelware, and add 2-4 tsp of baking soda, so that the mixture starts to bubble. Mix it thoroughly and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. After the time has passed, take the piece of cloth, soak it with the mixture, and wipe off all the dirt until the enamelware is clean.

Can I repair my enamelware ?

  • We don’t recommend that you continue to use a chipped piece. This issue is less about the now-exposed metal and more about continual chipping from the damaged area, which could lead to ingestion of the enamel.e your cookware .


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To be consistent with our values we have to always keep them in mind. This is our decalogue of principles:

1 We offer quality

We use the best raw materials we can find because we want to offer a safe product that will last for many years. More durability = more savings and less environmental impact.

2 Simpler is better

We think business should be simple but clearly, “Simple is better”

3 We respect the environment

We only use steel and vitreous enamels composed of silicates of natural origin, that is, the minerals that form sand and rocks. We do not use chemicals and our packaging is completely plastic free if possible.

4 Traditional manufacturing

The process is almost entirely manual. Just like it was done more than 250 years ago. Each piece is manufactured one by one with the necessary dedication.

5 Proximity product

All the raw materials used in Top quality – Meet LFGB,CA65,FDA etc. Your health is the most important to us !

6 Better in nature

We live and work in the natural mountain of village. We are sure that contact with nature provides physical and mental well-being that is reflected in our daily work.

7 We defend honesty

The goal is not to make money at all costs. We like our work and thanks to our clients we lead the life we ​​want. That is why they are one of our most precious assets.

8 Not mass manufacturing Only

Small-scale is also available,We will try our best to find solutions for you,Stock or Customized.

9 We commit to help each other

“Today, success is achieved through partnering and collaboration – not going at it alone”

10 Better together; let's collaborate

We believe in collaborative actions, creativity and talent. Write to us, we are open to any proposal.

Enamelware.Top – DECALOGUE
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This is how enamelware are made

Enamelware kitchen products and articles began to be manufactured in Germany around the year 1800, being a great revolution and becoming, thanks to their characteristics, highly valued objects in and out of homes around the world.

For the manufacture of our Enemalware.Top, practically the same manufacturing process is used as 250 years ago and is almost entirely done manually.

The design, manufacture and customization - all the raw materials used are top quality. The MADE is quite long and takes place in different phases

This is how enamelware are made

Process Reference:
1.Cutting And Ctretch
2.Pickling /Degreasing
3.Enamelled with Decal
4.Inspection Packing

how enamelware are made

First Step Preforming

Carbon Steel —— The material is cut and punched into the desired shape and a press with several tons of force is responsible for shaping each mug according to pre-designed molds.

If the top edge is 304 stainless steel , then Cutting to make the edge neat.
If the top edge is colorful Rolled , Press rolled frist, then Cutting to make the edge neat.

Final, Welding handle ( PREFORMING FINISHED )

Second Step Pickling And Degreasing

Preparation For Enamelled —stripping and cleaning – Put the products  in acid / alkali / water in turn , Clean the surface thoroughly , then drying.

Third Step Enamelled Decal

There are many ways to enamelled, Spray , Dip-In etc.

The 1th Layer , Base Glaze ( Like Blackish in general ,This coating is necessary , Otherwise other colors enamel cannot be fixed on Surface of Carbon steel directly )
The 2th Layer , White Glaze ( If only do white , To this step is complete, Or sometime double layer of white as client’s quality need.
The 3th Layer , Color Glaze ( White make the color show better ) 
Then,Decal ( Water transfer,Separated in water ,  Then Sticker on Product, Wipe clean water and Dried .

Ps: All steps need to be dried and fired separately


Fourth Step Inspection Packing

100% Inspection
1. If the top edge is 304 stainless steel , finish assembled ,then inspect into packing.
2.If the top edge is colorful Rolled ,then inspect into packing directly.

Enamel - This is how enamelware are made
Raw Material

0.5-1.2mm Carbon Steel in General

Glaze:Domestic Or Imported From Japan Europe , Solid grind by Ball Mill , It will cost several hours in general.

Enamel - This is how enamelware are made

1.Black Spot
2.Small Hold Of Hook
3.Black Edge of Rolled Top Rim
4.Stomata on Handle

Enamel - This is how enamelware are made


– Its non-porous surface does not allow the development of bacteria and fungi
– It is chemically inert
– Does not absorb odors

They are sustainable and ecological. Perfect for use outdoors, camping, caravan or at home and are built to last a long time – unique and personal

– DO NOT use in the microwave, they are made of metal.
– It is not recommended to heat it without content.

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