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All Enamelware.Top are designed and manufactured in production almost entirely by hand, in the same way that it was done almost 300 years ago.

All the raw material used is of the highest quality.

In the 
manufacturing process large mechanical presses which it is cut and shape large coils steel sheet to create the body of future cups, plates and other dishes enameled used.

Once cleaned and treated, The enamel coat is applied to the pieces by 

This enamel is formed from a mixture of previously ground glassy minerals, which are mostly composed of silicates – that is, the minerals that make up sand and rocks. 

After the application of each layer, a high-temperature furnace is responsible for melting this mixture with the steel body at almost 1,000 degrees. 

After cooling, a shiny and smooth surface is formed, thus obtaining the precious enameled steel, also known as vitrified steel.                                                                                       



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The qualities of enameled tableware have always been highly valued and difficult to match with other materials:

– Great hardness and resistance to abrasion and direct fire. They can withstand temperatures between -50º and 500º without flinching.
– Non-porous surface that does not absorb odors, prevents the growth of bacteria, guarantees hygiene and facilitates cleaning
– Virtually imperishable color and shine
– They do not require special care
– Chemical free. Enamelled steel plates and cups are healthier for people
– Enamelled steel products are respectful with the environment, since – in addition to their long useful life – both steel and enamel are recyclable.
– They are suitable for any source of energy, gas, induction, oven or direct fire.
– Being made of metal, they are NOT microwave safe
– Dishwasher safe. Decoration will never fade. Guaranteed.
– Special quality according to the standards established by the EEC for cooking and maintaining food                                                                                                       

– DO NOT use in the microwave, they are made of metal.

– The dishwasher “punishes” them a lot – as it does with all the dishes – and if you put them a lot in it it is possible that some rust stain appears on the outside near the upper edge, where they are hung to put them in the oven. It is totally normal and does not affect its use. If you rub it, it will disappear.

– Enamel is extremely strong and durable, but can chip and chip if struck hard on a hard surface, exposing the steel. If this happens and the damage is on the outside, you can continue using it without any problem (what’s more, it seems to us that it adds beauty and character). If it is indoors you will have to stop using it for food use as the chipping will end up rusting.

– It is not recommended to heat it without content.

– Tea or coffee stains all surfaces. Possible stains will disappear by boiling water with baking soda and scrubbing afterwards. 
Here we explain how.

– No matter how much you use them – if you don’t hit them hard and wash and dry them after using them – we guarantee that they will last perfectly throughout your life.                                                                       


We put special interest in respect for the environment and the reduction of waste.
We use the essential packaging – recyclable, biodegradable and,of course, plastic free if possible.                               


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Tell us your idea and tell us the approximate amount you need. We will get going, we will assess the work and we will send you a budget:  [email protected]

Remember that we cannot reproduce registered or copyrighted designs or logos without the consent of the trademark owner.                                                  


We are specialized in enameled tableware and prepared already. We can offer special prices for brands, stores or wholesalers who want to manufacture large quantities for their own distribution.                                                   

We customize enameled tableware with any ideas

To personalize enameled steel we use Decal that are fired for hours at about 900 degrees, which makes them integrate with the enamel and have great resistance, remaining unalterable with use and the passage of time.                 


– Personalization can be done in one or more colors, even with photographs and gradients. 
– The usual thing is to print logos on one or two sides, but we can print the entire area, the base, the interior, the handle … 
– The minimum order is depend on your ideas. We will try our best to provide solutions for you.
– Prices vary depending on the design, logos and quantities requested. Ask us any idea you have.
– We are specialized in customizing enameled tableware and prepared already. We offer special prices for brands, stores or wholesalers who want to make their own collection.
– Whatever you do, the customization WILL NEVER BE ERASED . Guaranteed.
– The delivery time is about 15-35 days.
– We make sends to any part of the world.                                                          

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