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The technique of enamelling kitchen items revolutionized the homes of our ancestors almost three centuries ago.

Today the manufacturing process remains the same.

Enamelled steel cups, enameled steel plates, enameled steel tableware, in short, any enameled utensil is sustainable, durable, healthy, useful, hygienic, ecological … universal. And precious!

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All the Enamelware.Top enameled tableware are designed and manufactured in a traditional way and almost entirely by hand.

manufacturing process is the same since it was discovered about 250 years ago.

Once the steel body is formed, two layers of enamel are fused on it based on a mixture of glassy minerals of great hardness, which are mostly composed of silicates -that is, the minerals that make up sand and rocks.

Forming a shiny and smooth surface, of great hardness, resistant to abrasion and direct fire, non-porous, inert, free of chemicals and easy to clean.

This is how the precious 
vitrified steel is obtained .

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Due to the manufacturing process and cooking at high temperatures for hours, the pieces have a rustic finish and some may have cracks, burns, irregularities or small changes in tone in the outer layer of the enamel.

These details do not affect the use and make them different, more genuine and unique.

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